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People want to believe that you’re telling a true story

Arth still relevant today: Azmi - PressReader

Jan 29, 2016 - Actor Shabana Azmi (right), who played the role of a woman who ... in the film Arth (1982), believes that the film would have been still relevant  ...

Shabana Azmi on her marriage, Arth and the turning points ... › Bollywood

Sep 18, 2013 - She has played a multitude of roles on the big screen, but off screen too, veteran actress Shabana Azmi, who turned 62 on Wednesday, has ...
Which according to you is the single-most influential film of your life?

A. Mahesh Bhatt's Arth remains a milestone. I continue to meet women who say that it was a transformative experience for them and gave them tremendous strength.

The song yet to be sung - Thrissur - The Hindu

15 hours ago - Illustrating it with an evocative example, poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar in his keynote address, spoke of the folk game, in which little boys whirl over their heads  ...

The seminar on ‘Changing Profile of Indian Music’ in Mumbai discussed the issues that music faces as thevalues of a society change, reports Deepa Ganesh

Character is indeed shaped in the stormy billows of this world – this is not just about human character but also about the character of arts too. Did any art, ever, emanate from the mind of the artiste alone? Was it – at any point in time – totally insulated from society? In the history of any art form, there may not have been such a time when art and society led independent lives. But perhaps, there is no time such as the present, when society has such a huge bearing on the nature of art.

We don't give languages the importance they deserve: Javed Akhtar ...

When we think about Urdu language in Bollywood, one of the very first names that'll immediately strike you is that of Javed Akhtar, who not only has a big hand ...

Javed Akhtar on Urdu as a language of love, life and folk

But it is also the language of the awaam (the common people), argued Javed Akhtar. Those present at the packed grounds of Indira Gandhi National Centre for ... when used aesthetically, the same becomes an art form.

New Rajasthan textbooks drop western writers

Times of India-16-Feb-2016
JAIPUR: The BJP government in Rajasthan has omitted poems by the likes of John Keats, Thomas Hardy, William Blake, T S Eliot and Edward Lear from the ...

Restricting western influences denies students vistas of learning

Hindustan Times-17-Feb-2016
The latest is the Rajasthan government, which has decided to drop poems by John Keats, Thomas Hardy, William Blake, TS Eliot and Edward ... Current dispensations should at least take a leaf or two out of past books where efforts to stamp out foreign influences have not paid off.

The Storyteller's Secret: How TED speakers and ...

Carmine Gallo - 2016 - ‎Business & Economics
This happened then that. This happened because of that. This happened and it was related to that.” 
Let's break down the structure that Prince says gives stories their specificity and apply it to the story that Pete Frates told ...
We have a built-in radar to protect ourselves from dishonesty and falsehoods. We’re not always accurate, of course, and some people have better “BS” detectors than others. But the more specific a story, the more evidence we have against which to measure a story’s truthfulness. People want to believe that you’re telling a true story. We listen for specifics to help us distinguish between fact and fiction.

Drop the aam, focus on kaam: Instead of fighting phony ... 

Drop the aam, focus on kaam: Instead of fighting phony class wars, politicos should deliver world-class services

Jun 27, 2015 - With Delhi's AAP government unveiling its first 'Swaraj' budget, the aam flavour was unmistakable. True, supply of the fruit has been lacklustre ...

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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